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about e-bag


Founded in 2003 as a web agency developing sites, portals, systems and APPs. We have over 200 active installations all over the world. We deal with digital productions such as portals and APPs, holograms, projections, augmented reality and virtual reality as well as entire innovative installations.

We help our customers from the design phase to the production phase. We are your ideal partner in a changing world, your technological partner for digital transformation and ecological transition. We create immersive experiences and storytelling through videos, storytelling, original music and the latest innovative technologies.

What We Do:

- development of digital stories
- digital storytelling
- cinematographic products
- projections and holograms
- augmented and virtual reality applications
- drafting of feasibility and executive projects
- development of content, scenography, plot, storyboard
- reconstruction and digitization of ancient documents and books
- exhibition planning
- planning of new museums with innovative displays
- design of historic buildings with innovative layouts
- digital products such as portals, APPs and dedicated applications

The processing phases

Our activity leads us to support our customer from the initial phase throughout the entire production cycle of the project:
- financing
- planning
- architecture and layout
- technological innovation
- content development, screenplays, concept documents, storyboards
- creation and development of the event or multimedia installation
- commissioning, maintenance and assistance Areas of application indoors
- museums
- valuable and historic buildings
- archives and libraries
- stations, airports
- hospitals, industries outdoor
- cultural parks
- natural parks
- urban and extra-urban routes
- yards and ports Application sectors
- culture, art, cultural heritage
- science
- sports, music, entertainment
- Health

> Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified
> e-bag is recognized as a film production company by the Ministry of Culture
> e-bag is a member of the ICC Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands